A set of 8 polyester drink coasters

These beautiful drink coasters protect your table decoratively. They ensure that glasses, cups, bottles and vases stand securely. Thanks to their durability, are ideal for use both indoors on the kitchen table and outdoors in the garden and on the terrace. Thanks to it's stylish and plastic-free packaging, they are also a lovely small gift set.

Protect your table decoratively

Due to the high-quality vegan polyester material and the noble, dark grey colour the coasters are also a stylish addition to your place mats! With their noble, timeless design, the beautiful coasters can be adapted to your interior design very discreetly and form a small optical highlight to your refreshing drinks - whether on the balcony, kitchen table or terrace.

Durable, washable and stylish

Our drink coasters can be washed off gently with lukewarm water, this is why they are perfectly suitable for use indoors and outdoors! At LIVAIA we care about the environment. For this reason we avoid unnecessary plastic packaging. Dimensions: width 10cm, height 0.5 cm.

LIVAIA GIFT TAG SET with 143 pieces. 4x35 gift tags made of high quality kraft paper. 3x8m (26 ft) jute string.

Let your creativity run wild and design our name and gift tags according to your wishes.

Four different designs: Our beautiful gift tags have four different looks.

You will receive 35 each of heart shaped tags, sun shaped tags and beautiful clover leaf and heart cut out tags.

For birthday, wedding and more!

Our set is wonderful for custom gift tags, decorative place cards and for many other beautiful decorating ideas.Perfect for birthday, wedding, Christmas and more!

Our beige-coloured jute twine is ideal for wrapping, especially lovely to look at in combination with wrapping paper and dried flowers.

Simply thread the gift labels onto it and the ideal, natural and sustainable packaging is ready!

With natural jute yarn to wrap

Jute yarn is a versatile raw material made from natural, rapidly renewable plant fibres.

Unlike synthetic fibres, jute is 100% degradable.

The cord is extremely durable and long-lasting thanks to its 3-fold thickness.


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Reliable insect protection for your window. Enjoy a fresh breeze in your home, free from annoying mosquitoes and other insects. Our uncomplicated, robust and easy-to-install window net is the ideal helper for a quiet, mosquito-free night and relaxed, wasp-free summer days

All info at a glance:

  • 1.5x1.8m (5ft x 6ft)
  • Incl. 7m (23ft) hook-and-loop tape
  • Incl. cutter knife
  • High UV resistance
  • Washable at 30°C
  • Material: polyester
  • Hole size: 1,7mm (0.06 in)
  • Reliable protection against mosquitoes and other insects


Easy installation without nails

You can simply cut the fabric to the desired size. The net can be attached directly to the window frame using the self-adhesive hook-and-loop tape. The tape can be removed without leaving any residue after use.


Do you already know our barbecue brand Overgrill? Under it you will find various products for a successful barbecue celebration.

12 WASHABLE MAKEUP REMOVER PADS. Ideal for facial cleansing.

A beautiful set of 12 incl. laundry bag. With both rough and smooth surface.

Soft makeup removal pads made of rayon and polyester support gentle and sustainable facial cleansing.

The high-quality fabric is abrasion-resistant and durable.

Easy to use reusable makeup pads

Apply facial cleanser or makeup remover to the pad and wipe over the face in gentle circles.

After use, wash at 60°C in the laundry bag provided.

Washable and without plastic packaging 

We do not need any more plastic on our planet. For the sake of the environment, we avoid plastic packaging.

Material: 70% rayon, 30% polyester.

With both soft and rough surface.


Do you already know our barbecue brand Overgrill? Under it you will find various products for a successful barbecue celebration.