Bamboo Toothbrushes

Bamboo Toothbrushes

Beautiful LIVAIA bamboo toothbrushes

Unlike conventional plastic toothbrushes, the LIVAIA bamboo brush is made of natural bamboo. Within a few months, bamboo grows up to 20 meters high and is therefore a fast-growing natural resource. Our bamboo is cultivated in a very panda-friendly way.

A radiant smile for the environment

The ergonomic handle lies comfortably in the hand when cleaning and is antibacterial due to the natural properties of the wood. The BPA-free bristles gently clean the teeth and protect the gums. Our toothbrushes are marked with cute motives of Panda Bao Bamboo Bear, fox Fiona Fire Fur, monkey Karli Climbing King and Pia Pol-Pingu. So there can be no confusion!

100% natural wood and plastic-free packaging

The bristles made of special nylon are compostable but take a little longer. Therefore, it is best to break off the brush and dispose of it separately, so the bamboo handle can be composted directly.

We do not need more plastic on our planet

We produce completely without plastic packaging. Vegan and BPA-free! Our beautiful sustainable set is a lovely gift idea, perfectly suitable for vegans and made with BPA-free bristles.

We want pandas, foxes and their friends to be able to live in clean, healthy forests. Thank you very much for your support!