150m Jute Cord

150m Jute Cord

LIVAIA jute string 150m 100% jute - Tear resistant due to 3 strands - Biodegradable

Jute yarn is a versatile material made from natural, rapidly renewable plant fibres. In contrast to synthetic fibres, jute is 100% degradable. Thanks to its triple thickness, the cord is extremely durable and long-lasting. Our premium jute line is 150m long, natural and timeless.

Versatile in use

Our beige-coloured jute string is ideal for packing, especially in combination with wrapping paper and dried blossoms it's wonderful to look at. Jute is also a great natural helper for gardening. Whether for tying up tomato tendrils, as string for hanging utensils, or very practical for handicrafts and decoration.

Jute string is often used as a decorative ribbon to hang polaroid photos on using wooden clothes pegs. The result is a sweet vintage decoration!